At Kyles Legal Practice we offer a free consultation with all perspective clients no matter what the case may be in relation to. Our lawyers will discuss with you at this time the various methods of funding that are available and that may be appropriate in your case.

Criminal Legal Aid

(i) Police Station Representation

In the Police Station every detainee is entitled to Legal Aid representation regardless of their financial circumstances. As a firm we are a part of the Criminal Defence Service and as such the costs of assisting you with your case whilst at the Police Station (wherever it may be) will be paid for from public funds. This covers all the advice we provide from the outset of your instructions to help you up to the point at which you might have to appear at Court if you are charged.

(ii) Legal Aid at the Magistrates’ Court

In the Magistrates’ Court Legal Aid is “means” and “merits” tested. If you qualify you pay nothing towards the costs of your case.

Kyles Legal Practice promise to assist you to submit an application to the Court for Legal Aid or for what is known as a “Representation Order” in appropriate cases. In order for you to receive a Representation Order, the Court has to be satisfied that it is in the interests of justice that you are represented by a lawyer and that you are financially eligible.

The application is also means tested and depends upon your income. If you are in employment your income will need to be assessed and our team will advise you as to what documentation and/or information we require to complete your application.

You will not have to pay towards the costs of your case if you are under 18 when you make your application or if you receive any of the following benefits:

  • Income Support
  • Income-Based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Universal Credit
  • Guaranteed State Pension Credit or
  • Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance.

(iii) Legal Aid at the Crown Court

You are automatically eligible for legal aid at the Crown Court. If your were financially eligible at the Magistrates’ Court, you will be financially eligible at the Crown Court. If you were not you will be eligible for legal aid at the Crown Court, though you may have to pay a contribution towards the costs of your defence. This contribution depends on your income and our team will be happy to help you fill in the required forms.

If you are assessed as needing to pay contributions you will pay these monthly and, should you be found not guilty, these may be refunded at the end of your case.

Please contact a member of our criminal team if you have any questions.

Private Funding

At Kyles Legal Practice, our bespoke 24 hour criminal department promises to provide first class legal advice and representation to individuals and their families across the full spectrum of criminal law matters including all types of Road Traffic offences.

At Kyles Legal Practice, we will provide you with an estimate of our likely costs, and will usually ask for some money on account. Our computerised case management system will automatically track the progress of the funding of your matter, which means that we can provide you with a regular and accurate costs summary.

For more information about how we can help and fund your case please do not hesitate to get in touch upon 0191 257 1051 or alternatively email .

Legal Expenses Cover

It is a little known fact that many individuals either by design or default have household contents insurance policies or motor insurance policies that also in certain cases provide for the payment of your own and the other side’s legal costs.

We promise to make enquiries on your behalf to determine whether your case could in fact be covered by any such policies that you may be in possession of. If it is found that an insurer can fund your case, even though the insurance company may be paying, our principle duty is to you.

We would be happy to consider your policy documents and advise you on whether you can take advantage of such an arrangement.

Motoring Law

No matter where in England and Wales you may live or no matter where your motoring case may be at, at Kyles Legal Practice we offer to all our perspective clients a free legal consultation with one of our qualified and experienced barristers or solicitors so that you can discuss openly and in confidence the circumstances of your case.

Our lawyers will discuss with you usually initially by telephone or alternatively via video conferencing facilities the various methods of funding that are available and that may be appropriate in your case.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch upon 0191 257 1051 or alternatively email