Our criminal department consisting of a team of solicitors, barristers and higher court advocates enjoy a national reputation for delivering effective legal advice and assistance.

Whilst the firm remains relatively new, the team has a combined 100 years experience of criminal law and of acting for people facing criminal investigation or proceedings. As a firm, we are particularly established and known for our legal work in cases of Youth Crime, Sexual Offences, Fraud, Environmental Offences and Motoring Offences but our legal expertise is much broader than this, covering the cases of the utmost seriousness and complexity such as murder, conspiracy and drug related offences through to all types of public order related matters.

As a firm, we have the expertise to provide to you representation upon the following in addition to the above:

  • Advocacy, Appeals & Miscarriages of Justice
  • Civil Liberties, Human Rights & Police Actions
  • Confiscation, Restraint & Cash Forfeiture
  • Court Martial & Military Law
  • Criminal Defence & Serious Crimes
  • Extradition & Mutual Assistance
  • Fraud, White Collar & Business Crime
  • Health & Safety Law
  • Regulatory Enforcement & Disciplinary
  • Road Traffic & Driving Offences
  • Tax & Benefit Fraud Investigations / Litigation
  • Terrorism

No matter what the allegation, no matter what type of case you are facing, our team of committed specialists will provide to you legal advice and assistance no matter where, or what time of day. For Kyles Legal, our goal is to provide to you at all times first class legal support, from arrest and beyond. We recognise that for you, it’s about having the best possible legal team on your side from the moment that you seek help.

We understand that the criminal process quickly escalates and we understand that for you it is imperative that you have the best lawyer and best legal advice as early as possible.

If you are arrested, or have been arrested and subsequently bailed, or if a friend or relative is facing imminent arrest or has been arrested, contact us anytime on 07403 162 388.

We operate a telephone centre staffed by police station accredited lawyers and accordingly we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for legal advice and assistance. When the case demands it, a member of our legal team can attend the police station to assist you wherever the case may be.

It is of vital importance that at the outset of any police investigation that you seek independent legal advice. It is no exaggeration to suggest that hundreds if not thousands of cases have turned on the evidence obtained by the police when interviewing suspects at the police station under caution. The provision of legal advice at the police station at an early stage can significantly change the outcome of the police investigation and it can on occasion make the difference between a charge being brought or not or a case being proven or not if the matter were to proceed to trial at court.

No matter the issue or case, call us upon 0191 257 1051 at any time or alternatively email office@kyleslegal.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.

If you have a case pending before a Magistrates Court or a Crown Court, talk to one of our experienced advocates even if the matter is listed the same day.

Our specialist team of solicitors, barristers and higher court advocates are available to appear in every court and we have strong links with others up and down the country who can appear on our behalf if the case were to be outside of the North East of England.

If your case remains at the police station, then your case will be funded with the benefit of Legal Aid.

If your case is at court, we will help you apply for Legal Aid to fund your case where this is readily available. However this is subject to application and where Legal Aid is not available we can provide to you a competitive fixed fee for our work on the basis of a privately paying client. Please click here to find out more about the funding of your case.

No matter the case or issue call us anytime on 0191 257 1051 or alternatively email our team – office@kyleslegal.co.uk