At Kyles Legal Practice we operate our own advocacy team of experienced barristers and solicitors, many with higher rights of audience, meaning that we are able to represent client’s at the Crown Court without having to delegate such work to others outside of the firm.

This in-house service allows our clients the choice of direct access to advocates in criminal cases at all levels although if you have a barrister that you want to instruct in mind we will always discuss with you the appropriateness or otherwise of instructing others in relation to your case.

Our barristers and solicitors appear daily in Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and Youth Courts, ensuring early involvement in legal proceedings and providing continuity of service and representation at all times; we find from experience that by having the same advocate at the Police Station, then at the Magistrates Court and then at the Crown Court can only be of advantage to you by ensuring that whoever represents you fully appreciates the nature and facts of your case.

In relation to Appeals; our legal team have a vast array of expertise and knowledge in dealing with all areas of the appeals process.

If you wish to appeal any decision made in relation to your case, once instructed, we will investigate and establish whether there are any grounds for challenging a decision made by the prosecuting authorities or the Court

On occasions, we can appeal a conviction or sentence imposed and make representations to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), regardless of whether Kyles Legal Practice acted for you in your original matter or not.

Our legal team of barristers and solicitor have a wealth of experience and a record of success in reopening such cases and re-examining the evidence presented, no matter how complicated or extensive the criminal offence may be.

Find more detailed information in how your case can be funded for such matters then click here or alternatively to speak to a legal advisor for help please do not hesitate to contact our offices upon 0191 257 1051, Out of Hours 07403 162 388 or alternatively email