Kyles Legal Practice is now regularly instructed in some of the most complex and serious Crown Court cases going wherever they may be.

Whatever the circumstances or whatever the case; whether it be to apply to the Court for bail, representation upon a trial or be representation upon a plea in mitigation, our in house barristers and Solicitor Higher Court Advocates will ensure that you receive excellent legal advice and assistance throughout.

At Kyles Legal Practice we have successfully defended clients across the full array of criminal law matters, and we promise to advise clients upon the most suitable form of funding, whether through state funding (legal aid) or privately paying terms.

All of our barristers and Solicitor Higher Court Advocates have extensive experience and expertise in all areas of criminal law as it relates to Crown Court cases; including but not limited to serious and organised crime, such as incidents of murder, manslaughter, offences against the person including ABH and GBH, offences of dishonesty such as fraud, theft, burglary, robbery, complicated offences relating to computer crime (hacking, obscene publications say over the Internet), offences relating to Proceeds of Crime and money laundering, to sexual offences including rape and child pornography, human trafficking, to terrorism and drug importations.

At Kyles Legal Practice, no matter the case or circumstance, we believe that our in-house Barristers and Solicitor Higher Court Advocates have the appropriate knowledge and expertise to be able to provide to any individual outstanding legal representation at the Crown Court.

For more information about the legal services that we are able to offer should your case be at the Crown Court then in the first instance please contact our Crown Court Team at our Head Office on 0191 257 1051 or email