Young people can be arrested from the age of 10 and as such like adults if they are suspected of having committed a criminal offence they can be arrested, detained at a police station, interviewed and, in some cases, charged to appear before the local Youth Court. 

We understand that for many youths especially if they have never been in trouble before that the prospect of being kept in a cell or the prospect of being asked to attend Court can be a daunting and frightening occasion. We understand also that it is equally as frantic and daunting for parents and for those with parental responsibility for such youngsters.

At Kyles Legal Practice we have barristers and solicitors who specialise in advising and representing young people at the Police Station, at the Youth Court and before the Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Court and on occasions even on appeal.

When instructed, we get involved from the beginning of the investigation and we’re by your side through to the very end of the case and in certain cases even beyond your case be it in relation to a family matter concerning local Children’s Services or be it in relation to a Prison law matter when your detention is ordered.

We promise to provide first-class legal and practical support to all those persons involved  in the proceedings (including parents and Guardians) and delivering the best possible outcome for the young person in question.

At Kyles Legal Practice we believe that in comparison to our competitors we do offer a service that is entirely unique.

When you instruct us, your case will be dealt with from the outset by a specialist youth crime solicitor. You will quickly get to know one another and our lawyer will provide to you contact details so that he or she can be contacted day or night should the need arise. We hope that you’ll find that they are easy to talk to, that they explain everything clearly and that they fully understand your dilemma and not to mention the situation.

Our expert lawyers know the law and how and when to use it to your advantage in any given case, and we promise that they will be there for you throughout any police investigation and any subsequent court proceedings should they follow on from any police interview.

Our experience

At Kyles Legal Practice we have extensive experience of dealing with a wide range of criminal offences; from relatively minor matters of say drunk and disorderly behaviour to incidents of alleged criminal damage to allegations of a more serious nature such as street robbery, sexual assault and offences against the person such as violent offences including murder.

We are regulars at the youth courts across the North East where our barristers and solicitors have earned a reputation for successfully representing young people.

We also have experience in dealing with and defending applications made by Local Authorities for Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and work with other agencies in this respect to assist client’s.

Funding your case

At Kyles Legal Practice, we will do whatever we can to ensure that you are at all times appropriately advised and represented in relation to your case, even if this were to simply refer you to another firm for specialist advise if deemed more appropriate. We will however wherever possible apply for Legal Aid funding from the Legal Aid Agency and when state funding is not readily available for your case we will exhaust all other options before quoting to you a competitive fixed price fee for our legal work.

Find more detailed information on how your case can be funded click here or alternatively to speak to a legal advisor for help please do not hesitate to contact our offices upon 0191 257 1051, Out of Hours 07403 162 388 or alternatively email