With a combined experience of over 30 years and a team of professionals who are well regarded and respected, Kyles Legal Practice have the family law expertise to deal effectively with your case.

Legal issues can quickly arise when circumstances in your relationship or family life change. We believe that the use of family law requires a different approach to many other areas of the law; the adversarial, confrontational approach can all too often inflame and alienate and frequently prolong disputes which could and perhaps should have been resolved through mediation and negotiation.

We understand that the times you need our services are often the most difficult that you will have ever had to face and as such we ensure that we treat you with the utmost care, consideration and respect. We make sure that we listen, that we act at all times in your best interests and to be readily available when you need us the most. We make sure that where applicable legal aid funding is applied for and available to assist you with your case. Alternatively we will make sure that legal costs are addressed from the outset in the case where legal aid is not available, so that everyone knows where they stand; we also strive to ensure that the whole process; from the first meeting to the last, is completed as easily and as painlessly as possible for you. As delicate issues can arise at any time throughout your life we believe that the best way to deal with any such situation is through tact and understanding, to communicating and listening, to avoiding conflict and agitation, so as to ensure that the outcome is the best for everyone concerned.

Whatever the approach, we will deal with your case in accordance with your instructions and in any event in a sensitive and professional manner- always remembering that we may be changing the course of people’s lives by the way in which we conduct your case.

We pride ourselves on our high level of client care and communication, and wherever possible to assist we will utilise information technology where appropriate. We promise to use plain English in our dealings with you, and we won’t leave you guessing about what is happening with your case; you will be kept fully appraised of developments and of the available options to you at each stage and of the costs implications of different decisions that you may wish to make.

No matter the problem or issue, no matter what the circumstances, we believe that we have the necessary expertise to deal with it. We offer a number of different funding options to make the provision of legal advice and assistance affordable no matter what the budget but rest assured we have the experts you need to help you deal with your case.

Our family lawyers are available 24-7. If you would like to contact us to receive further information and guidance regarding a family law matter, please call us on 0191 257 1051 or contact us at office@kyleslegalpractice.co.uk.