It is a little known fact that just under half of all children born today will see their parents split up before the age of 16. The number of children who will face family breakdown has soared from 40% to 48% over the last decade, according to analysis of official figures.

If as a parent you are worried about how your child or children will cope with your separation, you are not alone.

For parents that separate, making suitable arrangements for a child or children to spend time with both of their parents, and other family members, is of the upmost concern. Arrangements that work best are usually the ones you reach by agreement, without having to go the expense, time and effort to attend court.

We will advise you about your options for discussing and resolving arrangements for your child or children in a constructive, sensitive but ultimately appropriate way. This includes advising you about the various processes available to you other than going to court which includes the availability of family mediation and other support services that you may find helpful to resolve matters.

We know from experience that each family is different and in some cases the court will need to be asked to get involved – for example this may happen when you express concerns about a child or children’s or even parents’ welfare.

Whatever your circumstances, our family team have the experience to handle your case. Remember that your first consultation with us is free and there is no obligation to use our services following this appointment.

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