The breakdown of any relationship is a profoundly difficult time. Sometimes the breakdown of a marriage can be predicted, sometimes the breakdown occurs out of the blue but even realising that it is only a question of time before the relationship ends doesn’t make the process or separation any easier to handle.

Trying to assess the impending impact of separation on any child or children, on the family home, on pension and on finances can leave even the most prepared individuals confused, distressed and anxious about what the future will hold.

We at Kyles Legal Practice consider it essential to take advice as soon as the warning signs appear.The assistance of an experienced and supportive lawyer is vital because what you say and do will make a difference at a later stage. We fully understand from experience that there are no ‘winners’ arising from divorce and or separation.

When the marriage or relationship breaks down it is sometimes in circumstances where there is very little time to prepare oneself for all the decisions that need to be taken. In addition these decisions must be taken in an atmosphere of very high emotional intensity.

At Kyles Legal Practice we pride ourselves on our high level of client communication and care. We understand that the prospect of telling your story to a complete stranger may be daunting to say the least but we try to make the process of dealing with separation as painless as possible.

Our highly skilled and experienced lawyers are trained to listen to your concerns and talk you through the various options available. This includes advice about the different ways of resolving the problems you are dealing with, including the availability of family mediation to resolve amicably any differences and issues that arise.

In some cases, an application to court for a divorce is the most cost-effective option available to resolve your case. We have the appropriate expertise and legal know how to ensure your case is handled effectively and sensitively whichever option is most appropriate for you.

We know that it is normal for separating couples to experience many stressful emotions and we work alongside a number of non-legal family support services that upon request we can refer you to and which you may find helpful at this difficult time.

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