For separating couples, sorting out financial matters can be one of the biggest challenges to resolve. Often the thought of even approaching the issue with an ex-partner can cause anxiety, stress and concern.

You may be particularly anxious about your home and how this is to be owned or occupied in the future post separation, or about what is to happen to any savings, or about how your pension may be looked at and how you will manage financially following your separation especially if a child or children need to be considered in the equation.

At Kyles Legal Practice we understand that all of those concerns and the uncertainty that goes with them.

We understand that you what you need is clear, practical and straight forward legal advice about your available options for restructuring your finances so that you can make informed choices.

At Kyles Legal Practice, our experienced team will advise you about your settlement options, including the various processes available to you for negotiating an agreement, including the availability of family mediation to try and negotiate a settlement amicably and without recourse to court.

In some cases however, especially in the case of financial emergencies, an application to court is the most cost-effective option to secure your financial well-being.

At Kyles Legal Practice we are confident that we have the experienced lawyers and skills to ensure that your case is handled effectively and sensitively – no matter the circumstances.

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