Pre-marital agreements or “Pre-Nups” shouldn’t be simply regarded as only appropriate to the rich and famous.

People for example entering into a second marriage or those who bring with them considerable wealth generated over a significant period of time before marriage or those wanting to protect their wealth for their children should the marriage end will often benefit from making a pre-marital agreement outlining who is to receive what from the marital pot upon any subsequent divorce proceedings.

When you are planning your wedding you might feel uncomfortable thinking about what might happen if your relationship doesn’t work out or believe that it is entirely inappropriate to even suggest to your partner that a pre-marital agreement be entered into or some may even argue that this is entirely unromantic however, with official statistics now demonstrating that almost half of all marriages end in divorce, it is at the very least sensible to consider the ways and means of protecting your assets in advance of such a marriage and in the event of your marriage breaking down.

Following a Supreme Court decision in 2010, pre-marital agreements can be binding provided they are fair, have been properly drawn up following full and frank financial disclosure having been disclosed between the parties and appropriate legal advice having been given as to the ramifications of the agreement and the impact that this would have post separation. If both sides have been given competent legal advice and those criteria otherwise listed satisfied, then court has said that it will not go against the agreement.

At Kyles Legal Practice, our lawyers will advise you about your options, including the different ways of discussing and deciding the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement including the possibility of referring the matter to mediation to resolve any issues of disagreement.

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