Upon separation an alternative option to applying for a divorce is to consider entering into a “Separation Agreement”.

Not everyone wants to be divorced. Applying to the court for a divorce is a significant step, both legally, psychologically and now financially given the changes more recently to legal aid and state funding. 

In the circumstances you may prefer to reach an agreement about financial and practical matters arising out of your separation (for example providing for child support, when contact should take place, when a divorce should be applied for and on what grounds) without involving any court procedures at all.

The way this can be achieved is for you both to sign a written legal document which outlines as fully as possible the agreement you have reached. This written document is known as a “Separation Agreement”.

At Kyles Legal Practice our experienced lawyers will advise you about all aspects of your separation agreement.  This includes explaining the different ways in which you can discuss and resolve the issues you are facing such as by the use of family mediation.

As a firm we work alongside other agencies and support networks and should you wish for us to do so we can advise you about non-legal support services, such as couple or individual counselling, that you may find helpful during this particularly anxious time.

We offer a number of fixed fee packages of legal advice and assistance in relation to the drafting of a Separation Agreement and to find out more about the funding of our services please read Case Funding.

To arrange a discussion with one of our specialist lawyers upon the subject of drafting a Separation Agreement please call us on 0191 257 1051 or email us at office@kyleslegalpractice.co.uk