When local Social Services become involved with any family, it can be difficult to accept, worrying for all concerned and upsetting to say the very least. No doubt you will find that it is very difficult and stressful to accept Social Services involvement with your family and you may feel entirely powerless when dealing with social workers, health visitors and other professionals at various meetings and possibly thereafter court hearings.

At Kyles Legal Practice we are able to provide expert legal advice in this complicated area of family law. We will be at your side and guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

We can upon request provide advice, support and assistance right from when a social worker first gets in touch with you. Wherever possible we will attend meetings with you.

We will give sensible and clear advice that gives you the best chance of achieving what you want for you and your children.

If you are a parent or a young person whose family is involved with social services (sometimes called “children’s services”), we can advise and represent you even before a case goes to court (the “pre-proceedings” stage). We can also help if you want to support a relative whose children are involved with social services.

We are specially trained to deal with these complex children cases, and are members of the Law Society’s Children Panel. These solicitors are accredited by the Law Society as specialists in this area.

In cases where the local authority applies for a court order on your children, we will help you get legal aid and represent you at court hearings. We will speak up for you during the court assessment process. We understand how important it is for you to have workable contact arrangements with your children if they are not living with you and we will involve the court to achieve this wherever necessary.

At Kyles Legal Practice we have experience representing parents and other family members in all sorts of situations which lead to care proceedings. These include cases where the local authority is concerned children are being neglected and where family members are accused of injuring or abusing children.

Our advice is clear and independent, and based on many years’ experience of children, families and the law.

At Kyles Legal Practice we have a team of lawyers experienced in social services cases and so when you instruct us, you will have an experienced advocate representing you right from the outset and that lawyer will be the person who deals with your case day-to-day. We may bring in approved external specialist family advocates (barristers) to assist in your case from time to time who also offer the highest standards of representation in court.

Where Legal Aid is not readily available we can quote you a competitive fixed price for our work.
To arrange a discussion with one of our specialist lawyers upon the subject of Social Services involvement with your family please call at any time upon 0191 257 1051 or email us at office@kyleslegalpractice.co.uk