Amy is a solicitor and Higher Rights Advocate with Kyles Legal Practice, specialising in prison law, criminal appeals and criminal defence. Amy is particularly passionate about ensuring that indeterminate and determinate prisoners are able to progress through the system as efficiently as possible.

She represents a wide range of prisoners in a variety of areas, including categorisation, access to offending behaviour programmes and adjudications. She also represents inmates when it comes to Parole Board Reviews, submitting detailed written representations where required and representing inmates at oral hearings before the Parole Board. In addition, should any decisions taken by the Prison Service, Parole Board or Secretary of State require challenge, Amy has experience in pursuing Judicial Review proceedings against the relevant body and seeking remedy for the inmate effected.

Amy is also passionate about appeal work, closely examining the trial paperwork, advising counsel and if necessary, preparing appeals for the Court of Appeal and Criminal Cases Review Commission.

In addition, Amy is a qualified duty solicitor and is a member of the Law Society Criminal Accreditation Scheme and as such can often be found representing clients who are arrested for a wide range of offences at both the Magistrates Court and Police Station.

As Amy is also a Higher Rights Advocate, she is qualified to represent her clients throughout their criminal proceedings into the Crown Court. This ensures that she offers clients the most personalised service throughout their proceedings, and can represent them from the moment they are arrested until the matter concludes in the Crown Court.


“Amy Hossack has always been prompt, professional and supportive.” – Mr O

“Brilliant service and outstanding management of my case” – Mr W

“I was impressed with the speed and excellence of the service and the results I have seen.” Mr G

“Throughout my case I have been represented by the same solicitor and this has been extremely helpful. Amy’s professional manner towards myself and my case has been second to none and I have been more than happy with my legal representative.” Mr H

“Ms Hossack was very professional throughout my case and kept me informed about any steps to be taken, I would be very happy to have Ms Hossack as my legal representative in any case dealing with matters of law.” – Mr G