What is a Litigant in Person?

A litigant in person is someone who is not represented in court by either a solicitor or barrister or other legal advisor. This can be an individual, a company or other organisation that has a legal entity.

Given the reported changes in the availability of legal aid funding many individuals are now resorting to undertaking their own legal work and becoming litigants in person but such persons are not getting fair hearings, the Common’s Justice Committee heard on 2 September 2014.

The Common’s Justice Committee heard evidence from a number of prominent individuals including Susan Jacklin QC, chair of the Family Law Bar Association, Dave Emmerson, co-char of Resolution’s legal aid committee and Jane Robey, director of National Family Mediation.

The committee heard evidence from all sides that since the changes reported to civil legal aid, the number of people who now represent themselves in family law cases has increased dramatically, and the consequence of such changes then is seen in the increasing time take to resolve disputes.

Although the committee of MP’s heard that judges are trained in how to deal with litigants in person, it is still the case that judges found it difficult to extract the relevant information from litigants in person and many barristers reported that outcome was not fair for non-represented parties. 

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