What is Probate?

When a person dies, it may be necessary to obtain a Grant of Representation in their estate allowing certain people to deal with the administration. This term is more commonly known as ‘Probate’. Where a person dies and they have left a Will, this Grant is called a ‘Grant of Probate’. Where a person dies without leaving a Will, this is called a ‘Grant of Letters of Administration’.

When is it needed?

A Grant in a person’s estate might not be needed if:-

– the estate is valued at £5,000 or less
– the deceased owned all assets jointly with a person
and they pass automatically by survivorship.

Normally,  a grant of representation will be needed when the person who has died left:

–  more than £5000;
–  stocks or shares;
–  a house or land; or
–  certain insurance policies.

Who can apply?

The personal representatives of an estate are the people with the legal authority and responsibility to deal with administering the estate. If the deceased left a Will, then the personal representatives would be the Executors who have been appointed. Where the deceased did not leave a Will, then the intestacy laws will determine who is entitled to act as a personal representative.

What can Kyles offer?

We can assist you with probate in various ways. If you are comfortable in dealing with the administration of the estate yourself but wish to obtain advice and assistance with obtaining the Grant of Probate only we can deal with this for you for a competitive fixed fee. However, if the estate is more complicated you may wish to instruct us to deal with the entire administration and we can offer competitive fees for this also.

Feel free to give us a call to arrange a free initial advice appointment.